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Tuesday, 27 September 2011


The Meeting of Styles is an annual gathering of writters from all over, i recognised stuff from Brasil, Brussels, Russia, America, Italy.Apperently it began in Wiesbaden and then outgrew the communities support for the venue. Twas an old slaughterhouse, ignored locally until they realised it seasonally filled with vandles. Local politicians got involved and so, the venue is being gentrified. And the MOS doesn't really happen so much in weisbaden no more, but for this quiet underpass near the local beach( man made beach on the Rhien river).
So the images start at the old slachthof with fresh work and then MOS 2009 fading away (Peeta outa Italy for Atune). Then a sense of scale for ,as a local writer described 'small wall'. And then a few bibs and bobs of interest to me...


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