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Sunday, 25 September 2011


Weisbaden clean old monied city. Cobbled streets stickers restricted to the back of signs, lots of doozer 183. as tags throwies stickers and posters. Lots of crew & cru along the autobahn and in quiet streets,once as a sticker.
These dog head characters are stenciled and painted onto gaffa tape, same with the 'neileid' flick knives.
Found the Meeting of Styles (MOS)site with some works dating back to 2009 still visable. Fading old 'peeta' and 'san1' with 'okuda','kaim', 'motor','boe',that guy who does the characters with 'does' in loveletterscrew. Heaps more at the other site, but i will talk directly to those photos...


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